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Dragon*Con 2015

I went to Dragon*Con this past weekend (Sept. 3rd - Sept. 8th) in Atlanta, Georgia. I consider myself a well-rounded person, so I went to a variety of panels (mostly about T.V. shows). However, I did manage to learn a few things.

I went to a panel on fan films and I listened to some of the folks behind the movies Prelude to Axanar, Axanar & Backyard Blockbusters. Read my write-up here.

I tried to get into an Arrow panel, but didn't. The good news? While I was waiting in the Marriott, John Barrowman danced by me, twirling around in a blue Tardis dress! Yes, dancing around me. I didn't have time to get my camera out, but the image is available online. 

What else? I went to a very informative panel on e-book marketing. One of the panelists, Stephanie Burke (not the lawyer), gave some advice that I hadn't thought of. I'm paraphrasing, but it's better to tag too specifically than too vaguely. In other words, if your book has green aliens and purple nymphs, then tag #greenaliens #aliens #purplenymphs and #nymphs . Maybe even throw some similar tags in there. #Woodlandcreatures #otherworldly Whatever. It can't hurt. I also met author Gail Z. Martin, which was nice. I'd heard her speak at panels before, but had never gotten the nerve to go up and introduce myself. I'm coming out of my shell a bit.

My favorite fan track is the X-Track. I was happy to see the director and some other familiar faces. I attended a panel on Wayward Pines (Pretty much every agrees the ending sucked) and a panel on Agent Carter (Pretty much everyone wants to be Peggy Carter when they grow up.)

I went to a panel on women in STEM, and once again I regretted not having people encourage me to broaden my interests when I was a child. I left feeling encouraged though to stand up for myself when someone insinuates that I can't do something.

Over at the Brittrack in the Sheraton I saw a fan panel on the show Humans. One of the panelists kept calling the synths Sims, which made me laugh. He swears he saw the show :)

Jason Falter and I did our inaugural episode of Mr. Robot Decoded, are rewatch show. We learned that my old mic (which I let Jason borrow) is not at all suitable for loud spaces. Hopefully the episode is watchable. Ditto for ScannerDrome, which we also broadcasted.

I accidentally went to a panel on tank history and tank construction. I say accidentally because my boyfriend said he was in room 313. I went to meet him there. He was actually in room 314, but I decided to stay because of the whole women interested in STEM thing. I'm no poser! I actually did learn some things (though there wasn't room in my brain to retain everything in the lecture.)

I learned where *not* to book my hotel stay next year. I also learned that in the hotel I stayed at the customer is not always right. In fact, the customer seems to never be right, and it doesn't matter that the dang hotel is falling in around your head. This wasn't one of the Dragon*Con suggested hotels.

I did a whole lot more. I haven't processed it all in my brain.

After we left Atlanta, we went down to Senioa, Georgia, where The Walking Dead's Woodbury scenes were filmed. It's a nice town. I'll post some pictures. They have a really nice Walking Dead store there. I got a zombie hand wine bottle holder and a wall hanging that I'll probably show off when I film ScannerDrome.

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