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Don't laugh, but I have a Paypal. One day I'd like to make a living at this, but in the meantime I'd at least like to pay for my website and other costs. If you like what you read, maybe drop a few bucks. 
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Good Vibrations Sex Ed Series: How to Choose a Vibrator.


Superheroine of New York

The first story I ever completed was "Superheroine of New York". It's the story of Cherone, a poorly-educated, poorly-mannered, slightly obnoxious superheroine. She resents anyone who grew up in a solid household. She really resents everyone, because she's never known where she belongs. One day she takes a different turn and finds "Superhero HQ". It doesn't make her any better-mannered, but she starts to care a little about her place in the world.

I wrote it in 2001 and touched it up in 2004. It's never been published anywhere. I submitted it to one online magazine, got a rejection, and cowed in dejection. I know better now. I'm going to get rejected. I have to keep going—like the Terminator.

I posted the story here.

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